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Jaramillo Cafe

Where We Grow

Jaramillo Cafe® is grown in the core of the most famous coffee growing region of South America, the Coffee Triangle. According to the UNESCO World Heritage List, this is the heart of Colombia where the Coffee Region expands to 6 farming landscapes, 18 urban centers, 47 municipalities, 3 major Colombian cities in the departments of Caldas, Risaralda and Quindio. It is this region that is symbolic in the Jaramillo badge design, the traingle representing the Geography of this special location.

Throughout this region international tourists can taste the richness of the coffee beans and enjoy the breath taking views of the surroundings and exploring the further-flung reaches of the Coffee Triangle, such as the beautiful Cocora Valley.

Between the towns of Pereira and Armenia. the best place to see Colombia’s national tree, the slender and tall Quindio Wax Palm. This tree is unique in this part of the world and is iconic in its visual relationship with true Colombian coffee.

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