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Jaramillo Cafe

Mountains Of Flavour

The elevation (height above sea level) that the coffee plants are grown has a significant affect the quality of the bean and taste. The family farms of Jaramillo Cafe® can be found at elevations of up to 1750m Above sea level. At these altitudes the beans produced are naturally more hard, more dense, packed with natural sugars and sweetness. These are some of the most sought-after varieties of coffee bean and are generally regarded as some of the highest quality that can be sourced. It is these unique growing conditions allow the plants to grow more slowly, with more natural drainage through the mountains. The extra drainage prevents the plants from soaking up as much water, growing causing the growth to be slowed and this produces a smaller, more concentrated red cherry from which the bean is harvested. The rich volcanic soil in these regions also contributes to the nutrients the plant receive, giving rise to a strong, robust and healthy coffee plant, which can produce beans of unrivalled flavour.

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