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Jaramillo Cafe

London Coffee Festival

For many years now Mauricio has been a regular at one of the highlights of the coffee calendar, the London Coffee Festival at the Truman Brewery in East London. Last year over 20,000 coffee lovers visited the festival and many of those to the Jaramillo Cafe stand for a unique chance to meet Mauricio and his family. People learned about the wonderful story of this family, how since 1877 the family have grown up farming and selling coffee.

There was a chance to try the coffee, piping hot and served in a traditional Colombian way, this year will be no different, join us for a cup of the good stuff and learn about our history!

Eliseo Jaramillo picked his first coffee berry in 1883, on the farm where he was born.

Today, five generations later, the Jaramillo family continues to harvest the very finest coffee from the lush green slopes of the Coffee Triangle in Colombia – a true family business where expert knowledge and techniques have been handed down across the generations.

Now it is the turn of Mauricio Jaramillo, the first of the family to bring these exceptional, flavoursome coffee beans to European shores.


  • Felicitaciones. Que gran desafio. Mucha suerte.

  • Don Moore
    August 18, 2019

    Enjoyed your coffee at the Birdfest in Rutland England’s smallest county.
    Thank you.
    I shall be purchasing some

  • Greggrorma
    October 13, 2019


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