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True family values, techniques and love go into every harvest of Jaramillo from the family farms dating back to the nineteenth century


Knowledge and expertise passes from generation to generation in this unique family tree. Coffee production is a way of life


Since 1877 the Jaramillo family have grown, harvested and roasted beans from their family farms in the mountains of Colombia


Farming techniques and cultivation stay true to the roots of olden times, hand picked beans carefully nurtured, treated and roasted


A unique place in the world, the coffee triangle just above the equator is the richest coffee growing area on the planet


All of this creates a truly unmistakeable quality of flavour and richness to each cup of Jaramillo Cafe, once you have tasted it, you will know the difference

The Secret in the Red Berry

Only the most vibrant red berries are selected from the coffee plant. Red is nature’s way of indicating perfect ripeness, showing that the naturally sweetest and most mature coffee beans are to be found within. These are washed twice, to remove all residue, ensuring that nothing but the pure bean remains, from which we extract the maximum flavour.

Jaramillo Stories


Simply outstanding, once you drink this, it is vey hard to go back to any other brand. Naturally sweet and full of flavour. A really friendly company to deal with as well

Danielle Johns , coffee lover

It is an excellent quality coffee, my favourite is the number 3 Medium Roast. It’s so clear that the Jaramillo family have selected their beans under the highest standards of quality. Its flavour and aroma will delight the palates of those who really know coffee.

John Hawkins , cafe owner

Trusted Partners

The ethical partners we have in eco packaging align with the values of our family brand. We are endorsed and work with the most influential coffee brands to improve our quality every day.